Bear Cub


Bear (Ursidae)

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Bear Cub


Maya Feltheimer

Alpha and Omega

The bear cub first met Humphrey at the summit of the mountain the wolves had to climb to reach the Canadian Express on the other side. The cub initially appears inquisitive as shown when she asks Humphrey "Wow, what are you?" The cub is also quite playful, making comments such as "You are really strange" and "You're totally weird". The cub also enjoys such activities as pushing Humphrey off the log they were stood on and throwing a snowball at him. However, when Humphrey hit her back the cub started crying. Humphrey apologized, but he was interrupted by a transparent liquid dripping onto him that later turned out to be bear saliva. The bear cub didn't seem concerned about the peril Humphrey now found himself in as she started laughing, clapping and doing impressions of an adult bear.

We last see the bear cub in the background, waving as Humphrey escapes from an adult bear. It is possible that the bear chasing Humphrey was the cub's parent, attacking under the impression that Humphrey had somehow hurt the cub.


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