"You'd better listen to the girl..."
—Claws threatening Candu

Alpha and Omega

Claws and Scar are two wolves from the Eastern Pack. They first appeared, interfering with Kate's hunt, which resulted in a stampede of caribou from which Kate was forced to save them.

Once they were out of danger, Candu started a fight with Claws and Scar, Hutch getting involved as well while Kate tried to break the fight up. The fight was broken up by Humphrey, the Omega Leader of the Western Pack and his omegas, Salty, Shakey, and Mooch. Winston appeared, ordered his alphas back to the den while Claws and Scar both gave Candu a growl after the brawl and telling Claw and Scar to go home.

Claw and Scar aren't seen 'till nearing the end of the film. Where the both stand with there pack ready for battle. The next day, they both attend Kate and Garth's wedding and the join in of the reqiuem alongside Candu and Hutch.

Candu, Hutch, Claws, and Scar are now presumed to be hunting partners.


  • Claws is the red-orange she-wolf, and Scar is the brown wolf with scars on his face. It is confirmed in the novel due to the character "Claw" having the same line ("You'd better listen to the girl.") in the novel and in the movie. This is also confirmed by the end credits, which lists "Marilyn Tokuda as Claws and Janice," while Scar is uncredited due to not having any spoken lines.
  • It is presumable that Claws and Scar are Betas.
  • In the credits, it states that "Claws" is voiced by Marilyn Tokuda; whereas Scar has no dialogue during the course of the movie, and thus is not mentioned.
  • The junior novel incorrectly states that Claws and Scar are both males. In the movie, Claws in a female wolf voiced by Marilyn Tokuda. The novel also named her wrong, calling her Claw rather than Claws.
  • Not much is known about Claws and Scar, but it is possible that they are mates or siblings.


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