Daria after meeting Runt.


Wolf (Canis Lupus)

Fur Color

Gray and White, cream hair

Eye Color

Pale green (Blind)




The Western Pack

Social Ranking

Beta (possibly)



Family Members

Unnamed mother
Lois (sister)



Gina K. Bowes

Daria is a blind creamy gray she-wolf, who appears in Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave.

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave.

She was living in Saw Tooth Cave after being taken away from her pack by her mother, who saved her from being killed by their leader.

Though, after meeting Kate and Humphrey's son, Runt, the young pup gives her the courage to leave the cave and into Shadow Forest. At the end of the film, she is welcomed into the Western Pack by Runt's grandfather, Winston.


  • There is a continuity error regarding Daria in the film. Based on Tony's flashback, when he was just a pup, the forest and cave Daria lived in was already haunted. This means Daria would have already been there as the spirit didn't start haunting it until then. This should mean that Daria is notably older than Tony, who is already regarded as elderly.
    Yet Daria's appearance, voice, and even her sister's, Lois, voice and appearance imply that Daria is about the same age as Kate. It would also make no sense as Head Wolf didn't age much, and, if Daria would've been older than Tony, Head Wolf should've been really old by the time Daria is an adult.
  • Daria's rank in the Western Pack is not confirmed, but considering that it was specifically mentioned she would be allowed to take part in Pack hunting due to her stronger sense of hearing (and despite her blindness), it is likely that she is a beta wolf as omega wolves are not allowed to take part in hunting.
  • Despite becoming the newest member of the United Pack at the end of the fourth movie, Daria's never seen or mentioned again in the following sequels.


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Daria is very kind and very loyal especially towards her new good friend Runt. Daria can be a bit timid around strangers but she is very polite and a bit formal to a certain extent for example; saying 'yes' instead of 'yeah' or how she introduced herself to Winston and Eve by saying "My name is Daria.". Daria is usually happy considering how she found out that her mother died which hurt her a lot, but Lois saying "But I want you to know, she loved you, she bowed to protect all of us.", made Daria feel a bit better when she reponded with a nod "I needed to hear that.". Other than that ever since Runt convinced his grandfather Winston to let Daria join, she was happy.

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