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Daria's Mother
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Wolf (Canis Lupus)

Fur Color


Eye Color






Social Ranking



Unnamed Mate

Family Members

Daria and Lois (daughters)





Daria's mother is a wolf that makes a minor appearance in The Legend of the Saw tooth Cave. She is a reddish-tan female wolf, but she doesn't have any lines of dialogue and her actual name is never mentioned.

She first appears at the beginning of the film, carrying a young Daria into Shadow Forest and putting her under a bush then running away. She later on appears in a flashback rescuing Daria from being attacked by one of the wolves in her pack, who was possibly an alpha. She runs away with her daughter and the other wolves in the pack chase her into Shadow Forest. She eventually stops and hides Daria under a bush. The other wolves then catch up to her and kill her as punishment for hiding Daria away from them. This is not shown.

Later, when Daria demands to her former packmates to tell her what they did to her mother, the leader of the wolves says that she was gone, and she paid a high price for hiding her.



  • She is the ghost who haunts the Shadow Forest in the film, altough the model used for the ghost is resembling Scar, instead of the model of the mom.
  • Although her spirit is shown in the film as a greenish-blue color, it is shown on the DVD cover as pure green.

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