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Garn and Debbie with Kate and Humphrey in the foreground.

Garn and Debbie Theocarcus are a human couple whose truck (which has a camper on the back) Kate and Humphrey hitch a ride on. After Humphrey loses his and Kate's ride over a cupcake, Garn and Debbie drive off never to be seen again in the film. Garn is a big, strong motorcycle gang guy while Debbie is a short, sweet librarian lady. Garn appears to be somewhere in his late 30' s while Debby appears to be somewhere in her early 40' s. As explained by Marcel and Paddy, they met in a book store where Debbie worked that sold beer, where the opposites attracted and met. In Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation, it's revealed that Garn and Debbie broke up over an implied misunderstanding.


  • Garn and Debbie's relationship of how "opposites attract" most likely symbolizes Kate and Humphrey's own relationship; despite being considered against Pack Law.

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