Jethro and Griffon
Jethro and Griffin are the two trappers from Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation. Griffon is the smaller of the two while Jethro is the bigger of the two. They return in Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs as diggers under Mac's supervision, after losing their money as wolf trappers.

In both films, Jethro is voiced by Chris Smith while Griffin is voiced by Benjamin Waters.


Family Vacation

  • Griffin: Just great, Jethro! Where did you learn to shoot, dang it?
  • Jethro: Same place you learned to drive, Griffon.
  • Griffin: What is this log doing in the middle of this field?
  • Jethro: Heh, waiting for my butt to sit on it.
  • Jethro: Two wolves, that's better than none.
  • Griffin: You know what? We need to get us some dang wolf cubs, we get 3 times more for them.
  • Jethro: Well our plane can't find wolf cubs, their all in dens.
  • Griffin: Then we'll have to find them ourselves.
  • Jethro: We were birds?!
  • Griffin: It's like every creature in the dang forest is protecting them!
  • Jethro: You say "dang" a lot, you know that right?
  • Griffon: Get him off me!!
  • Griffin: Don't shoot!! Don't shoot!! You a lousy dang shot!!
  • Griffin: Look!! Wolf pups!! Three dang wolf pups!!
  • Jethro: And two adult wolves!! We hit the jackpot!

Dino Digs

  • Coming Soon!


  • Jethro's design is identical to Garn's, while Griffon's is the same as the unnamed worker at Todd's Gas Station in the first movie.


Needs for Expansion

  • More pictures
  • More quotes (There are a few more than are listed)
  • Other info

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