Rogue wolves

Unnamed members of the King Pack

Rogue wolves 2

The wolves who kidnapped Runt

These are some unnamed members of King's all-alpha pack that appear in Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure. Aside from King's daughter, Princess, none of them are mentioned by name. Humphrey mentions one of them just as the one with the brown nose.

Two of them appear in the territory of the Western Pack, and that causes them to be spotted by Runt, who tries to confront them, but they run away without answering him. Eventually, they kidnap Runt and bring him to King.

Later, when Humphrey, Kate, Garth, Lilly,Tony, and Winston come to Banff to retrieve Runt, the Western Pack and the Eastern Pack wolves try to fool King and his pack into thinking Garth and Humphrey are one large alpha wolf, but they eventually find out it was all a trick and a fight breaks out. Some wolves have Garth cornered, but before they could attack, Lilly sends a log down onto them, making them fall onto the ground, fittingly after they tease Garth for marrying a weak omega.