The United Pack consists of the Eastern and the Western Pack combined. This pack was formed after Lilly and Garth married. By the joining of the United Pack, it stopped an impending war between the Eastern and Western Packs.

The United Pack was orginally meant to be formed by the marriage of Garth and Kate. However, Kate and Humphrey got relocated to Idaho, so Lilly offered to show Garth around. Lilly and Garth fell in love and married, forming the United Pack.

Known Members:

Winston- Alpha (Retired Leader)

Eve- Alpha (Retired Leader)

Humphrey- Omega Leader

Kate- Alpha Leader

Lilly- Omega - Created United Pack by marriage to Garth

Hutch- Beta

Can-Do- Beta

Salty- Omega

Mooch- Omega

Reba and Janice- Omegas

Sweets and Candy- Omegas

Stinky- Future Alpha Leader

Claudette- Future Alpha

Runt- Future Omega

Garth- Alpha - Created United Pack by marriage to Lilly

Tony- Alpha (Retired Leader)

Claws and Scar- Betas

Daria- Possible Omega

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